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Message from the Director's Desk

Hi, this is Markus Häfeli, Director of Bourse CO2. Being the founder of autociel.ch at La Conversion (VD), a company active in the import and sale of new and second-hand cars since 2002 and the Vice-president of VFAS since 2011, the Swiss Association of independent car commerce, we have extensive knowledge about importing cars into Switzerland and all the realated laws.

Thanks to the significant quantity of cars we have on our importers account, and the wide network of customers abroad and in Switzerland, we are able to offer you a reliable service without interruption. The good news is that you can also benefit from this!

After assessing your needs, we propose your tailored solution for your organization. We have been helping our Customers with optimizing their CO2 and the related cost since 2012. Contact us and we will also help you.

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